Ways to reduce checkout abandonment

Top 5 Ways To Reduce Checkout Abandonment For Magento Merchants

Written by Ryan Copeland

A persistent issue plaguing many ecommerce sites is checkout abandonment. But as a leading Magento agency, we’ve gathered deep insights into this challenge. Customers might add products to their carts, but they often abandon them due to various reasons. With our experience as a specialized Magento agency, we’ve identified top changes that can enhance your checkout page’s efficiency, reduce abandonment, and boost conversions.

1. Enable Guest Checkout within Magento

The Problem: Many online shoppers avoid orders on sites that mandate account creation. They want a quick purchase without the hassle of account registration.

The Solution: Using Magento agency best practices, activate a guest checkout option. This lets customers place orders without an account, breaking down the account creation barrier. While offering an option to create an account or log in is great, ensure it’s optional.

2. Implement a Postcode Lookup Service for Address Entry

The Problem: Manual address input is tedious and prone to errors which can lead to delivery problems.

The Solution: We often recommend a postcode lookup service like Fetchify to our Magento merchants. This feature auto-fills address fields when users input their postcode. This efficient method not only saves time but also minimises human error which saves the business money in mistakes being made with orders being sent to the wrong address.

3. Streamline Information Collection

The Problem: Excessive form fields can be overwhelming, making users second-guess their decision to purchase.

The Solution: As a top Magento agency we always recommend to clients that they simplify their checkout process by collecting only essential details. Fields like fax number and company name are very rarely used on a B2C focused website. Clearly label optional information so your customers can skip it. The lesser the steps and barriers, the lower the checkout abandonment rate.

4. Eliminate Promotional Distractions

The Problem: Although promotions can up-sell or cross-sell, they can deter purchases at the checkout phase and force the customer to leave the checkout page. A prime example of this is adding a voucher code input to your checkout page. This will increase checkout abandonment as your customers will get FOMO if they do not have a voucher code and could leave the site to search for one and not come back.

The Solution: Keep the checkout page distraction-free, a principle emphasised by many Magento agencies. Remove promotional popups or callouts at this stage. Instead, focus on pre-checkout or post-purchase stages for promoting additional products. Tools like Klaviyo work wonders for this.

5. Optimise Your Checkout Page Speed

The Problem: Slow checkout processes can discourage customers, leading to cart abandonment. Your customers don’t want to sit and watch a loading spinner when placing an order on your website. They want to get is done as quickly as possible with minimal effort.

The Solution: Ensuring your checkout page loads quickly goes a long way in trying to achieve this. As any experienced Magento agency will tell you, speed is vital. Prioritise performance optimisation for your checkout page. Regularly assess and enhance the page’s speed to maintain user engagement.

In Summary

Minimising checkout abandonment is about enhancing user experience and addressing frequent pain points. As a seasoned Magento agency, we believe that implementing the aforementioned changes can drastically improve conversions. Remember, always prioritise the customer, ensuring they have a seamless experience from browsing to buying.

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