Your Journey to Ecommerce Growth

Your journey to eCommerce growth isn’t the same as anyone else’s. To witness real results, you need a bespoke solution. That’s why we’ve developed a specific process, considering your needs and requirements both today, tomorrow and in the future.

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1. Project Discovery

Your business objectives and eCommerce requirements are the biggest influences over the solutions we suggest. This is why before we even develop a proposal, we get to know you and your business during a discovery meeting. Our goal during this meeting is to fully understand what you hope to achieve and the experience you want to provide for your customers.

From here, we don’t bombard you with sales calls or blanket proposals. Instead, we present to you a personalised solution specification document covering our suggested approach to achieve the results you desire. Understanding that you need clarity on the total investment required and to be able to determine the return on investment, we also include a cost estimate and details of the perceived results at the end of the project.

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2. Planning Your Journey

Confident in our ability to deliver the results you require? Recognised a shared sense of purpose and values? Great. Now the planning starts. We believe you should have complete sight of what will happen and when. You’ll receive a detailed plan covering key milestones and an estimated date for completion. What’s more, if required, we even allow time for you to demo any new solutions we’re implementing.


3. Developing Your Future

Happy with the planned approach. Great. Now the development can begin. Don’t worry though, even though our team will be working away behind the scenes, we won’t go quiet on you. With a dedicated project manager overseeing your project, you can be sure that communication will be on point. From regular updates via email, to project status meetings, we’ve got you covered.

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4. Attention To Detail

Your ecommerce website will only ever be launched after thorough testing has been carried out. That’s why attention to detail is a critical skill all of our team possesses.

Being completely transparent with our design and development, we allow you to access the back end of your website, so that you can also complete testing. After all, before the site goes live, you must be happy with the features and functionality.

Should there be a requirement to change something or an issue you find, you can use our specialist management tool to inform us, and we’ll get right on it.

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5. Going Live

We know you’re excited to launch as soon as possible, but we believe a launch should be carefully planned. That’s why we always hold a meeting with you post testing to outline the next steps and create a documented launch plan covering the stages of launch and who’s responsible for each task.

When the big day arrives, you’ll have the peace of mind that your eCommerce website will be more than just a pretty site. Sure, it will look good, but you’ll know having been through the process above that you're headed for real results.

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6. A Partner For Life

So your site is live and it’s ready to say goodbye. Absolutely not! We believe in building long term partnerships, not short-term revenue generators. And if we sent you on your merry way without advising of the importance of site maintenance, that wouldn’t be very good now would it.

Our monthly maintenance retainer service ensures this never happens. If you choose to invest in this option, we make it our goal to ensure your website stays ahead of the competition. How? By giving you the option to take advantage of any new features which become available as well as ensuring your platform is kept up to date with the latest security patches and updates.

See The Results Of Our Process

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