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Improving User Experience To Boost Website Revenue

Our expert team delivered a completely new eCommerce store free of bugs and designed in a way that showed their customers they cared. It was super slick, ultra fast and most importantly, right for Joan Allen.

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What We Delivered

  • Magento 2 Site Audit
  • Magento v2.4 Upgrade
  • Magento UX Design
  • Hyvä Themes Theme Development
  • Ongoing Support & Maintenance

The Bug For A New Ecommerce Solution

You’ve heard the saying ‘I’ve got the bug for’? Usually it’s the desire to do something on the back of a positive experience, but in Joan Allen’s case it really was the bugs that had got them. 

Joan Allen had done the right thing by investing in an agency for technical maintenance and support from Magento experts after the launch of their new Magento store, but the support they received compared to the support promised didn’t match.

The Joan Allen team knew enough was enough and began their search for a Magento Agency committed to building honest, transparent and long-term relationships with merchants. They came across our positive reviews, client portfolio and approach to merchant partnerships and got in touch.

What We Uncovered

Bugs. Everywhere. Not only was the site built using an outdated front-end solution, but it was buggy – and the investment put into fixing it hadn’t worked. What’s more, all of this was affecting site speed and user experience, meaning the client’s bottom line was being impacted too. With your website conversion rate proven to be directly linked to your sites performance we knew there was a great opportunity here to improve the customers online experience an increase revenue.

One Step At A Time Approach

We knew that the biggest priority was to stabilise the existing website. With the significant losses already experienced, there needed to be a solution that would quickly limit the amount of additional impact on revenue. That’s why we dedicated time to working with Joan Allen to fix the long list of bugs we’d identified. Once the site was stabilised, we met with Joan Allen to discuss future proofing their site and optimising the front-end for better performance, usability and conversion.

The Solution

When a merchant wants to prioritise performance and user experience, Hyvä Themes always comes top of mind. Joan Allen saw the recommendation to migrate to Hyvä Themes as a positive investment due to the opportunity it gave them to completely redesign the front-end and create a better experience for their customers. With stats to back it up, we also presented to the team the increased conversion rates merchants experience using Hyvä Themes. The results for this project speak for themselves and we are looking forward to continuing working alongside the Joan Allen team and provide them with the technical support they need to grow their business further.

What Did The Client Say?

“Thank you so much, the best agency I have ever worked with and by god this is just the beginning! I really can’t begin to thank the guys at Foundation enough, the best agency I have worked with by a mile and then some, exceptions completely blown out the water with the added confidence inspiring comments of “ this is nothing, wait to you see what we can really do!!” You have shone light on a very dark period the UK economy being what it is, I’m just really glad you guys have my back ” – Managing Director @ Joan Allen

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