Hyva Themes, The Magento 2 Frontend On Steroids

The existing Magento 2 frontend framework or LUMA stack as its otherwise known was released back in 2016 and hasn't been updated since. It performs terribly and optimising it to perform well is an extremely challenging, time consuming and expensive task.

Adobe has no plans to update this framework and will eventually deprecate it so what steps can you take to future proof your Magento 2 platform?

Hyva Themes is a new, super lean and performant frontend framework for Magento 2 website development. This Magento Theme also provides you with 100/100 out of the box in Google's Core Web Vitals so you are starting off with a future proofed foundation for your website frontend.

As a very specialist Magento 2 development agency we quickly saw Hyva Themes’ potential and was one of the first Magento 2 agencies in the UK to launch a Magento 2 project with a Hyva Themes frontend.

Are you ready to join the Hyva Themes revolution?

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