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Magento 2 Product Types: Simple Products

Written by Ryan Copeland

Magento 2 comes packed with a number of different product types that you can use to merchandise your products in different ways. In this article a member of our development team is going to explain what simple products are and how they can be used effectively on your website to improve your user experience.

What is a simple product in Magento 2?

Let’s start off by telling you what a simple product actually is. A simple product in Magento 2 is a product that exists in your catalogue as an individual product or SKU. Let’s say for example you were selling a red t-shirt and that red t-shirt came in three different sizes. In Magento you would create a simple product for each individual size that you sold that red t-shirt in. Then each size could have its own inventory count stored against it for stock control.

When should you use a simple product?

An easy answer to that question is that if the product requires a stock level then it should be created as a simple product. Simple products should be created for every individual SKU that you are selling through your website. This enables you to manage stock levels for each product and use them in other product types such as configurable, grouped or bundle products where required.

Final word

Simple products form the foundation of any product catalogue in Magento 2. They should be used for every individual SKU to allow you to manage stock levels as well as create other different product variations. We will be providing information about all other product type variations in future articles. Once these become available we will add the links here for your convenience.

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