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BigCommerce Feature Highlight: Price Lists

Written by Ryan Copeland

Price Lists is a very powerful feature in BigCommerce. In this article one of our BigCommerce developers will deep dive into the feature. They will explain its benefits and how merchants can take advantage of this feature.

What are price lists?

Price lists give BigCommerce merchants the ability to set different prices on individual or groups of products for selected customers. What this means is that all customers visiting your site will see the same products. However they will see different prices tailored to them when they login to their account.

When should I use price lists?

This powerful feature is often used by B2B merchants who offer a wide range of discounts to different customers. For example, a merchant may have a group of customers that operate out of retail stores. They may want to offer this type of customer a 10% discount on all products. Alternatively that same merchant may also have a wholesale customer who buys in bulk from them and receives a larger discount than the retailer. Both scenarios can be catered for by creating two different price lists. One for retail customers and one for wholesale customers. Then the merchant could assign these price lists to those customers allowing them to see prices specific to them when they login to the website.

It is not often used on B2C websites as usually there’s one price for every customer. Discounts are ordinarily applied using coupon codes or applying special prices to individual products.

How can I create price lists in my BigCommerce website?

Creating a price list in BigCommerce is super easy! The best part is you don’t even need a BigCommerce developer to do the work for you. Price lists are all easily managed from within the admin area using a drag-and-drop spreadsheet like interface. Simply follow the steps below to create a price list in BigCommerce:

  1. From inside the BigCommerce admin area navigate to Products > Price Lists.
  2. Click the ‘Create Price List’ button.
  3. Enter a name for your price list.
  4. Select a customer group that the price list should be applied to. Please note that you will have to create a customer group before creating a price list for it.
  5. If you want to publish the price list straight away then change the status to ‘Published’, else leave the status set as ‘Draft’.
  6. Hit save.
  7. Select the price list you just created.
  8. You will be presented with a spreadsheet like UI. Here is where you will enter the custom prices for this price list. You can use this page as you would a normal spreadsheet. Copy, paste and drag to copy features all work here.
  9. Once you’ve finished adding your prices, hit save in the bottom right.

Draft price lists do not effect the prices of products on the frontend until they are published. Once you’ve published a price list your customers will be able to login and see their tailored prices right away.

See below a screenshot of the Price Lists UI which works just like a spreadsheet:

What plan is the price list available with?

Price lists are currently only available on the BigCommerce Enterprise plan.

Final word

Price lists are a powerful feature that can be used by merchants to tailor website pricing for their customers. A price list can be assigned to one or many customers through the use of customer groups. BigCommerce does not include this feature in their Standard, Plus and Pro essential plans.

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